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National Memorial Concert

Honor Choir

Honoring the Brave Heroes of 9/11

High school choirs from across the country will come together to honor the those impacted by the tragic events of September 11, 2001

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Photo courtesy of Associated Press

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One of the worst days in America's history saw some of the bravest acts in Americans' history. We'll always honor the heroes of 9/11. And here at this hallowed place, we pledge that we will never forget their sacrifice. 

- George W. Bush -

We Will Never Forget

-343 firefighters 

-60 police officers

-8 EMT and paramedics

-2,566 civilians

-6,000+ injured

"We come back to remember the valor of those we lost - those who innocently went to work that day and the brave souls who went in after them. We have also come to be ever mindful of the courage of those who grieve for them, and the light that still lives in their hearts."

-NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani 

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"Words cannot express how moved I am and how much of a life changing experience that was provided to me and my students over the last 4 days. The kids learned so much from the experience... it really made me personally feel like I actually know what I am doing as a director and as a professional musician. Our kids cannot stop talking about the show, the trip, the concert, meeting Sgt. Rose, and the whole experience." 

- R. Michael Townsend, Destrehan High School (Louisiana)

An official event of the Remembering 9-11 Commemoration, The National Memorial Concert seeks to commemorate our past while celebrating our future through music

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